TEC-Carolinas knows just how important it is to maintain compliance on your extinguishers and back flows in your home and/or business.

Back Flow Preventer

Believe it or not, most people don’t have the slightest clue what a back flow preventer is or what it does. Typically the water in you home or business is supposed to run only one way in and one way out. Back flows occur when the pressure in the water supply changes and allows for the “contaminated” water to seep back in to your main water supply. The purpose of a back flow preventer is just that, to prevent the back flow of water. Its extremely important to maintain the health of the back flow preventer by scheduling regular testing and service. TEC-Carolinas certified technicians can assist in the testing and service of the preventer as well as recommend services or improvements for the device to continue running correctly.


Having an extinguisher on site at your home or business can make all the different in an emergency situation. Extinguishers come in many shapes and sizes, designated for different functions. The pros at TEC-Carolinas are well trained and certified in the inspection, installation and service of a of extinguishers and will work with you to determine what best fits your sites needs.